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1. The Preserved Record.

2. Good house means “Mecca” while bad neighbours  means the “unbelievers of Quraysh”.

3. About the Progeny of The Prophet(AS), Amir-ul-Momineen(AS) has said that no person in the world can be brought at par with them nor can anyone be deemed their equal in sublimity because the world is over laden  with  their obligations and has been able to secure eternal blessings only through their guidance. They are the cornerstone and foundation of religion and the sustenance for its life and survival. They are such strong pillars of knowledge and belief that they can turn away the stormy flow of doubt and suspicion. They are such middle course among the paths of excess and backwardness that if someone goes far towards excess and exaggeration or falls behind , then unless he comes back or steps forward to that middle course, he cannot be on the path of Islam. They possess all the characteristics which give the superiority in the right for vicegerency and leadership. Consequently, no one else in the ummah enjoys the right of patronage and guardianship. That is why The Prophet (AS) declared them his vicegerents and successors.

About will and successions, the commentator ibn-Abi’l-Hadid Mu’tazili writes that there can be no doubt about the vicegerency of Amir-ul-Momineen(AS) but succession cannot imply succession in position although the Shi’te sects so interpreted it. It rather implies succession of learning.

Now, if according to him, succession is taken to imply succession in learning , even he does not seem to succeed in achieving his object because even by this interpretation, the right of succeeding The Prophet(AS) does not devolve on any other person. When it is agreed that learning is the most essential requirement of khilafah(Caliphate) because the most important of functions of The Prophet’s(AS) Caliph consist of dispensation of justice, solving problems of religions laws , clarifying intricacies and administration of religious penalties. If these functions are taken away from the Prophet’s(AS) deputy, his position will come down to that of a worldly ruler. He cannot be regarded as the pivot of religious authority. Therefore, either we should keep the governmental authority separate from The Prophet’s(AS) vicegerency or accept the successor of The Prophet’s(AS) knowledge to suit that position.


The interpretation of ibn-Abi’l-Hadid could be acceptable if Amir-ul-Momineen(AS) had uttered this sentence alone but observing that it was uttered soon after Ali’s(AS) recognition as Caliph just after the it, the sentence “Right has returned to its owner” exists. This interpretation of his (ibn-Abi’l-Hadid) seems baseless, rather The Prophet’s(AS) will cannot imply any other will except that for vicegerency  and caliphate and succession would imply , not succession in property nor in the knowledge because this was not an occasion to mention it here but it must mean the succession in the right leadership which stood proved as from Allah SWT , not only on the ground of kinship , but on the ground of qualities of perfection.

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