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The fifth stage of completing His Knowledge is that attributes should not be put in Him from outside lest there be duality in His One-ness and deviating from its proper connotation , Unity may fall in the labyrinth  of “one in three and three in one”. Because, His Being is not a combination of essence and form so that attributes may cling to Him like smell in the flowers or brightness in the stars. Rather, He is the fountainhead  of all attributes and needs no medium for manifestation of His Perfect Attributes. If He is named Omniscient, it is because  the signs of His Knowledge are manifest. If He is called Omnipotent, it is because every particle points to His Omnipotence and Activity and if to Him is attributed the power to listen or to see, it is because the cohesion of the entire creation and its administration cannot be done without hearing or seeing;  but the existence of these attributes in Him cannot be held to be in the same way as in the creation , namely, that He should be capable to know only after He acquires knowledge or He should be powerful and strong only after energy runs into His limbs; because taking attributes as separate from His Being connote duality and where there is duality , unity disappears. That is how Amir-ul-Momineen has rejected the idea of attributes being an addition to His Being , presented Unity in its true significance and did not allow Unity to be tainted with stains of multiplicity. This does not mean that adjectives cannot be attributed to Him, as this would be giving support to those who are groping in the dark abyss of negativism, although, every nook and corner of the entire existence is brimming with His attributes and every particle of creation stands witness that He has knowledge , He is powerful, He hears , He sees, He nurtures under His care and allows growth under His mercy. The intention is that, for Him, nothing can be suggested to serve as an adjunct to Him because, His Self includes attributes and His attributes connote His Self. Let us learn this very theme in the words of Al-Imam-Abu Abdillah Jafar ibn Mohammed -As Sadiq (A.S) comparing it with the belief in Unity adopted by other religions and then appreciate who is the exponent of the true concept of Unity.


The Imam (A.S) says:



Our Allah, the Glorified, the Magnificent, has ever had knowledge as His Self even though there was nothing to know, {sight as His Self even though there was nothing to know, } sight as His Self even though there was nothing to behold, hearing as His Self  even though there was nothing to hear  and Potence as His Self even though there was nothing to be under His Potence. When He created the things  and the object of knowledge came into existence, His Knowledge became related to the known , Hearing related to the heard, Sight related to the seen and Potence related to its object. ( at-Tawhid by Ash-Shaykh As- Sadiq;  page 139)

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