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1. The foremost in religion (deen) is His Knowledge. “The literal meaning of deen is obedience and its popular sense is code, whether literal sense is taken or the popular one, in either case, if mind is devoid of any conception of Divinity, there would be no question of obedience nor of following any code because when there is no aim, there is no point in advancing  towards it; where there is no object in view, there is no sense in making efforts to achieve it. Nevertheless, when the nature and guiding faculty of man bring him in contact with a superior Authority and his taste for obedience and impulse of submission subjugates him before a Deity, he finds himself bound by certain limitation as against abject freedom of activity. These very limitations are din (Religion) whose point of commencement is knowledge of Allah SWT and acknowledgement of His Being.



After pointing out several essentials of Divine Knowledge, Amir-ul-Momineen  has described its important constituents and conditions. He has held those stages of such knowledge, which people generally regard as the point of highest approach; to be insufficient . He says that its first stage is that, with the natural sense of search for the unknown and the guidance of conscience or on hearing from the followers of religion , an image of the Unseen Being known as Allah SWT is formed in the mind. This image in fact is the forerunner of the obligation to thinking and reflection and to seeking His Knowledge. But those who love idleness or are under pressure of environment , do not undertake this search despite creation of such image and the image fails to get testified. In this case, they remain deprived of Divine Knowledge and since their in-access to the stage of testifying after the formation of image is by volition , they deserve to be questioned about it. But, one who is moved by the power of this image, goes further and considers thinking and reflection necessary. In this way, one reaches the next stage in the attainment of Divine Knowledge , namely , to search for the Creator through diversification of creation and species of creatures, because, every picture is a solid and inflexible guide to the existence of its painter and every effect to the action of its cause. When he casts his glace around himself, he does not find a single thing which might have come into existence without the act of a maker so much so that he does not find the sign of footstep without a walker nor a construction without a builder. How can he comprehend that this blue sky with the sun and the moon in its expanse and the earth with the exuberance of its grass and flowers could have come into existence without the action of a Creator. Therefore, after observing all that exists in the world and the regulated system of the entire creation , no one can help but conclude that there is a Creator for this world of diversities because existence cannot come out of non-existence nor can existence sprout from nothingness. 

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