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The Prophethood of Mohammed (A.S)


In this way, ages passed by and times rolled on; fathers passed away while sons took their places till Allah SWT deputed Mohammed (Peace be upon him and his progeny) as His Prophet, in fulfillment of His Promise and in completion if His Prophethood. His Pledge had been taken from the Prophets, his traits of character were well reputed and his birth was honorable. The people of the earth at this time were divided in different parties, their aims were separate and ways were diverse. They either likened Allah SWT with His creation or twisted His Names or turned to else than Him. Through Mohammed (A.S), Allah SWT guided them out of wrong and with his efforts took them out of ignorance.


Then Allah SWT chose Mohammed (A.S) to meet Him, selected him for His own nearness, regarded him too dignified to remain in this world and decided to remove him from this place of trial. So, He drew him towards Himself with honor. Allah SWT may shower His Blessing on him and his progeny.

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  1. ethelsrouse

    The Prophethood of Mohammed (A.S) the most beautiful name I ever heard which is mentioned many times in ukbestessays. The holly prophet of the Muslims and the leader of humanity shows us the right path of life. I do not have the hand to write about that personality which is above the human and everything that exists in that world.

    June 10, 2017