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Allah SWT  chooses His Prophets


From his (Adam(A.S)) progeny, Allah SWT chose Prophets and took their pledge for his revelation and for carrying His message as their trust. In course of time, many people perverted Allah’s SWT trust with them and ignored His position and took compeers along with Him. Satan turned them away from knowing Him, kept them aloof from His worship. Then Allah SWT sent His Messengers and series of His Prophets towards them to get them to fulfill the pledges of His creation, to recall to them His bounties , to exhort them by preaching , to unveil before them the hidden virtues of wisdom and show them the signs of His Omnipotence , namely, the sky  which is raised over them , the earth that is placed beneath them , means of living that sustain them , deaths that make them die, ailments that turn them old and incidents that successively betake them.


Allah SWT never allowed His creation to remain without a Prophet deputed by Him or a book sent down from Him or a binding argument or a standing plea. These Messengers were such that they did not feel little, because of smallness of their number or of largeness of the number of their falsifiers. Among them was either a predecessor who would name the one to follow or the follower who had been introduced by the predecessor.




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