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Description of the Creation of Adam (A.S)


Allah SWT collected from hard, soft, sweet and sour Earth, clay which He dripped in water till it got pure and kneaded it with moisture till it became gluey. From it, He carved an image with curves, joints, limbs and segments. He solidified it till it dried up for a fixed time and a known duration. Then He blew into it out of His Spirit, whereupon, it took the pattern of a human being with mind that governs him, intelligence which he makes use of , limbs that serve him, organs that change his position , sagacity that differentiates between truth and untruth, tastes and smells , colours and species. He is a mixture of clays of different colours , cohesive materials , divergent contradictories and differing properties like heat, cold , softness and hardness.


Then Allah SWT asked the Angels to fulfill His promise with them and to accomplish the pledge of His injunction to them by acknowledging Him through prostration to Him and submission to His Honoured Position.        So, Allah SWT said:


“Be prostrate towards Adam and they prostrated except Iblis (Satan) “ (Quran , 2:34, 7:11, 17:61,18:50, 20:116)


Self-importance withheld him and vice overcame him. So that he took pride in his own creation with fire and treated contemptuously the creation of clay. So Allah SWT allowed him time on order to let him fully deserve His Wrath and to completed (man’s) test and to fulfill the promise (He had made to Satan).Thus, he said:


“Verily, you have been allowed time till the known Day.”

(Quran, 15:38, 38:81)


Thereafter, Allah SWT inhabited Adam (A.S) in a house where He made his life and his stay safe, and He cautioned him of Iblis and his enmity. Then his enemy (Iblis) envied his abiding in Paradise and his contacts with the virtuous. So, he changed his conviction into wavering and determination into weakness. He thus converted his happiness into fear and his prestige into shame. Then Allah SWT offered to Adam (A.S) the chance to repent, taught him words of His Mercy, promised him return to His Paradise and sent him down to the place of trial and procreation of progeny.

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