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The Creation of the Angels


Then He created the openings between high skies and filled them with all classes of His Angels. Some of them are in prostration and do not kneel up, others in kneeling position and do not stand up. Some of them are in array and do not leave their position. Others are extolling Allah SWT and do not get tired. The sleep of the eye or the slip of wit or languor of the body or the effect of forgetfulness does not affect them.



Among them are those who work as trusted bearers of His messages, those who serve speaking tongues for His Prophets and those who carry to and fro His Orders and Injunctions. Among them are the protectors of His creatures and guards of the doors of the garden of paradise. Among them are those also, whose steps are fixed on Earth but their necks protruding into the skies, their limbs are getting out on all sides, their shoulders are in accord with the columns of the Divine Throne, their eyes are down cast before it, they have spread down their wings under it and they have rendered between themselves and all else curtains of honour and screens of power. They do not think of their Creator through image, do not impute to Him attributes of the created, do not confine Him within abodes and do not point at Him through illustrations.

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