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                2. Amir-ul-Momineen(AS) has referred to abu baker’s ascension to the caliphate, metaphorically, as having dressed himself with it. This was a common metaphor. Thus, when oosman was called to give up the caliphate, he replied. “I shall not put off this shirt which Allah has put on me.” No doubt, Amir-ul-Momineen(AS) has not attributed this dressing of caliphate to Allah SWT but to abu baker himself because according to unanimous opinion , his caliphate was not from Allah SWT but his own affair. That is why, Amir-ul-Momineen(AS) said that abu baker dressed himself with the caliphate. He knew that this dress has been stitched for his own body and his position with relation to the caliphate was that of the axis in the hand mill which cannot retain its central position without it nor be of any use. Similarly, he held “I was the central pivot of the caliphate, were I not there, its entire system would have gone astray from the pivot. It was I, who acted as a guard for its organization and order and guided it through all difficulties. Currents of learning flowed from my bosom and watered it on all sides. My position was high beyond imagination but the lust of world seekers for governance became a tumbling stone for me and I had to confine myself to seclusion. Blinding darkness prevailed all around and there was intense gloom everywhere. The young grew old and the old departed for the graves but this patience breaking period would not end. I kept watching with my eyes, the plundering of my own inheritance and saw the passing of caliphate from one hand to the other but remained patient as I could not stop their high handedness for lack of means.”





                After The Prophet (AS) of Islam, the presence of such a personality was inevitable who could stop the community from disintegration and guard the religious law against change, alteration and interference by those who wanted to twist it to suit their own desires. If this very need is denied, then there is no sense in attaching so much importance to the succession of The Prophet(AS) and the assemblage in Saqifah of Banu Sa’idah should have been considered more important that the burial of The Prophet(AS). If the need is recognized, the question is whether or not The Prophet (AS) too realized it. If it is held, he could not attend to it and appreciate its need or absence of need , it would be the biggest proof for regarding The Prophet’s(AS) mind to be blank for thinking of means to stop the evils of innovations and apostasy in spite of having given warning about them ( I seek refuge in The God). If it is said that he did not realize it but had to leave it unresolved on account of some advantage, then instead of keeping it hidden , the advantage should be clearly indicated otherwise silence without purpose would constitute delinquency in the discharge of the obligation of Prophet hood ( I seek refuge in The God). If there was some impediment, it should be disclosed, otherwise we should agree that just as The Prophet (AS) did not leave any item of religion incomplete, he did not leave this matter either and did propose such a course of action for it, that, if it was acted upon, the religion would have remained safe against the interference of others.

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